National Leaders of Governance (NLG)

The TSC regions have been commissioned by the DfE to deliver the NLG Brokerage service and support commission. NLGs are the DfE’s current mechanism to provide school-to-school/peer-to-peer support to improve the quality of governance, including through the School Improvement (SI) Offer.

The purpose of this commission is to effectively manage brokerage of NLG support, so that the existing capacity is managed as effectively as possible and access to governance improvement support is available to schools ahead of, and through any transition period.

In addition to this commission, during AY1920 the DfE plan to provide briefings to NLGs in three key areas:

  • SI Support Offer
  • MAT Governance
  • Financial management and efficiencies

Following an expressions of interest (EOI) process to fulfil the NLG brokerage service and support commission across the region, George Spencer Teaching School have been appointed to deliver this service.

Message from NLG Support and Broker, Tammy Elward

NLGs play a critical role in the School Improvement offer 2019/2020 and development and improvement of governance in schools. To support the sharing of information and growing relationships to support the offer, we are looking to;

  • Update the regional database
  • Create an Anthology
  • Host a webinar briefing

Updating the Regional Database

We would like to be able to share NLG details and information with NLEs and schools in our region. With your permission, we want to ensure that NLEs and schools know which NLGs are available with what skill sets and support them being able to engage with the support you offer.


An Anthology has been developed to support the deployment of NLGs within the School Improvement Offer 2019-2020. NLEs and School Leaders can use the document to identify the types of governance support they might need and NLGs in the region who have the right skills and areas of experience to support with a school's next steps.

We would like to thank the NLGs who have agreed to be part of the publication and supported with the creation of the documentation. Furthermore, thank you to the NLEs who have helped to shape the purpose of the document.


NLG Anthology 


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the NLG Broker and Support Service on the contact details below;

NLG Broker and Support Service (EMSYH TSC) - Tammy Elward -