National Leaders of Governance (NLGs)

National Leaders of Governance (NLG) are System Leaders. There are around 80 NLGs across EMSYH. They have a variety of experience in different school contexts and situations.

NLGs support schools in 3 main areas:

  1. Developing Leadership of Others(e.g. mentoring, coaching and developing Chairs or Leaders of MATs, Governing Boards or LGBs or Networks)
  2. Direct System Leadership themselves to address, advise and direct in acute or complex situations where direct experience and intervention is required (e.g. NLG taking on Chair or Leadership role in IEB, GB, LGB, MAT Board for schools which are RI, Coasting, at Risk or Inadequate etc.).
  3. External Reviews of Governance which are developmental in nature but can require aspects of both developing others and providing leadership advice depending on the school’s situation. These can be in response to an OFSTED or because the Governing Board wants to look at its own development.

The follow up support from an NLG could be continuing development or direct leadership. 

If you know of a school that would benefit from the support of an NLG you can use the system leader directory, contact your local Teaching School Alliance, your LA or Diocese.

The map below shows where the EMSYH NLGs base schools are across the region and what type of school they are;

 NLG locations map

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