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Our vision is to create a sustainable, inclusive and productive partnership utilising the expertise from across the alliance which will lead to the improvement of teaching and learning and improved outcomes for pupils across all schools within the Teaching School Alliance.

Welcome to Partners in Learning Teaching School Alliance 

Partners in Learning seeks to create a sustainable, inclusive and productive partnership utilising the expertise from across the alliance and beyond which will lead to the improvement and development of high quality leadership, teaching and learning and improved outcomes for children across all our schools.

We aim to: To respond to the challenge of social mobility, ensuring that all children have equal entitlement to the very best that education can offer, equipping them with life-long learning skills which are fit for the 21st century; encourage all leaders to be active participants in Partners in Learning leading to sustainable, inspirational leadership within a school led support system that takes collective responsibility for the outcomes for all children; develop a cohesive, flexible school based system which is forward thinking, creative and offers opportunities for innovative school improvement based upon action research and evidence based practice; ensure all schools have equal entitlement to a highly skilled workforce where underperformance is challenged and all professionals are supported and encouraged to work towards continuous improvement; be totally committed to an investment in the school workforce by ensuring access to high quality professional development opportunities and clear and rewarding career pathways; ensure children have access to quality teaching which results in good or better progress for all learners regardless of their starting point or background.

Designation Cohort 3
Lead/Director Janet Foster
Successful SSIF Bid R2: Reading/Writing

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Phase EYFS, Primary, Secondary, Special

As stated in the Regional Anthology for June 2018, we are especially good at;


School to School Support

Research and development 

Being an active partner within local school improvement strategy

Supporting schools causing concern