Derby Early Years TSA

Learning and Growing Together. We believe passionately and are committed to working collaboratively to achieve educational transformation across all schools through the development of outstanding practice and practitioners. Through effective partnership we are committed to developing quality for all.

Welcome to Derby Early Years Teaching School 

DEYTS was established in September 2014 by Harrington Nursery School. The overarching aim of DEYTS is that all children in all our schools will benefit from our commitment to work collaboratively to share our strengths and support development. Strategic Partners, through their commitment to collaborate are signalling a joint responsibility for the wellbeing of young people in our schools.

DEYTS Alliance's mission is to change for the better the lives and life chances of our children, parents and school community. We believe in being proactive and working with others to both share our strengths and learn from each other. Our vision is of a community of schools in which all children are enabled to reach their potential through the provision of high quality education within an inclusive, caring and supportive environment. The ongoing sustainable collaboration will assist in the creation of a culture of continued improvement.


Designation Cohort 5 
Lead/Director  Wendy Colebourne/Laura Baddiley
Successful SSIF Bid   
Partnership Arrangements  Derby PSG



Phase EYFS, Primary 

As stated in the Regional Anthology for June 2018, we are especially good at;



Leading or supporting intervention work

Being an active partner within local school improvement strategy 

Supporting schools causing concern


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