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4Derbyshire Teaching School Alliance is committed to responding to the educational needs in Derbyshire schools and beyond. We believe in successful outcomes for all through empowerment and collaboration. We lead a strong partnership of primary schools with children’s outcomes at the core. #4DerbyshireAll

Welcome to 4Derbyshire Teaching School Alliance 

4Derbyshire Teaching School Alliance offers Derbyshire and the East Midlands an inspiring Teaching School with a strong partnership of Primary, Special and Infant Schools. At the heart of what we do are children’s outcomes. We value the “by schools for schools” feel of 4Derbyshire and celebrate our small schools and diverse leadership styles and excellence in teaching across all our partner schools. As an outward facing Teaching School we actively engage in supporting the East Midlands and take an active role as a mini region to engage in local solutions to local learner priorities. We are a small school leading a large partnership and value the spirit of joint practice development, and growing new Teachers and Leaders for the future. Our current priority is to grow our capacity of system leaders to support the delivery of strategic school improvement funding programmes and build in sustainability.


Designation  Cohort 5 
Lead/Director  Victoria Jones 
Successful SSIF Bid   
Partnership Arrangements  
Website  http://www.4derbyshiretsa.com/
Twitter  @4DerbyshireAll
Phase  Primary, Special 

As stated in the Regional Anthology for June 2018, we are especially good at;



Research and development 

Being an active partner within local school improvement strategy

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing 


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