In our weekly update of 29th March, we signalled the establishment of two Sub Regional Improvement Boards:

  1. East Midlands North (EMN), covering Derbyshire, Derby City, Nottinghamshire and Nottingham City
  2. East Midlands South and East (EMSE), covering Leicestershire, Leicester City, Lincolnshire and Rutland

Northamptonshire colleagues will be joining an improvement Board convened by the RSC North London and South Central England.

Personal invitations to SRIB planning workshops have now been sent out by the RSC. Each mini region area has been invited to send a teaching school representative (one of your two EMTSSG reps) and a local authority colleague. Others invited include a Head Teacher Board representative, Diocesan Board of Education representative, RSC and the TSC regional representative.

SRIB planning workshops for both EMN and EMSE will take place on April 28th.