Role of the EMTSA Strategic Group

The group was established in 2015 and was initially a development from the planning group of the first regional conference. 

The purpose of the group is to:

  • ‘Add value’ to the work of EMSYH.
  • Provide a regionally representative decision making infrastructure, to utilise existing and secure additional resources for collaborative delivery.
  • Build on a shared moral purpose and capitalise on collaboration, benefitting from economies of scale.
  • Help to provide clarity and sustainability and to facilitate regional and local ‘join up’ to enable us to make a meaningful and sustainable impact on outcomes for learners.
  • Ensure that improvement areas are effectively and strategically identified and that the right and timely support is given in areas where it is needed most.
  • Provide a forum to exchange strategic and operational expertise and share learning.
  • Achieve an infrastructure of enduring social capital.
  • Enable the delivery of a framework of quality assurance, peer review, challenge and support and provide an accountability infrastructure.
  • Develop mechanisms for demonstrating impact and securing financial support to support strategically identified priorities. 
  • Design new ways of working and explore practicalities for future delivery.
  • Provide an infrastructure for networking with other stakeholders and stakeholder networks e.g. RSC , Ofsted, and EMSIG etc.

Group membership

Membership of the group is limited to two representatives from each mini-region (LA area) plus the Regional TSC representative, EMTSA Network representative, Regional Strategy Co-ordinator and EMTSA Business Partner. The Regional Strategy Co-ordinator and Business Partner are roles commissioned by EMSYH.

The two representatives, usually a head teacher and TSA Director, bring the consensus opinion of the TSAs in their mini-region and share any actions or updates from the meetings.


Mini region

TBC Derby City
Wendy Colebourne Derby City
Jeanette Hart Derbyshire
Rebecca Woods Derbyshire
Dave Roper Leicester City
Rhian Richardson Leicester City
Inderjit Sandhu Leicestershire
James Brown Leicestershire
Helen Barker Lincolnshire
Claire Buffman Lincolnshire 
Mary Shishefar Nottingham
Matt Lawrence Nottingham
Dave Cotton Nottinghamshire 
Paul Goodman Nottinghamshire 
Rob Gooding  Rutland
Alice Beckwith Rutland
Other members:  Org:
Chris Wheatley TSC Regional Rep
TBC EMTSA Network 
Kate McKenna Strategy Co-ordinator 
Ellen Lee Business Support
Rebecca Smith Business Support

Terms of reference 

 Coming soon..


EMSYH Region Teaching School Strategy 2017/18