The EMSYH TSC is ‘commissioned’ by the DfE to deliver a number of priority areas including:

  • Supporting a regional infrastructure
  • The DfE School Improvement offer to support eligible schools
  • NLG Brokerage and support

A regional and sub regional team has been put into place to deliver these commissions;

TSC Members: Chris Wheatley and Chris Abbott

Regional Strategic Advisor: Kate McKenna

Business Support Partner: Becky Smith

NLG Broker: Tammy Elward 


Sub Regions

Sub Regional Leads (SRLs) are serving school leaders who support the establishment and operation of sub regional networks. SRLs work on the broader TSC agenda and ensure that local intelligence is provided.

Sub Regional Leads

East Midlands North - Paul Goodman, Flying High Teaching School, Nottinghamshire

East Midlands South - Helen Barker, Kyra Teaching School, Lincolnshire

South Yorkshire - Tom Banham, Tykes Teaching School, Barnsley

Yorkshire and Humber - Chris Abbott, Wolds Teaching School Alliance, East Riding


Map with SRL